Lensmaterialen: CR39, Polycarbonaat.

Grootte S: 49/18
Grootte L: 54/17

  • Neus van polycarbonaat voor perfecte pasvorm
  • Antislippoten comfort TIPGRIP
  • Beschikbaar in twee maten en twee kleuren




Garantie van minimale weerstand voor de bescherming tegen courante risico's (vallen van bescherming op de grond, veroudering licht, blootstelling aan warmte, corrosie, enz.)


Europese norm

De markering van het montuur moet verplicht het symbool CE


Mechanisch risico - Zwakke impact

Zwakke impact, biedt weerstand tegen een balletje van 6 mm en 0,86 g dat inslaat aan 45 m/s


Really pleased with and impressed by the personal service I received from the Bolle team. We went through a number of options which turned out to be unviable but they always came back with something new to try, and whilst their solutions always worked due to the uniqueness of my vision they just didn’t resolve all my personal requirements. However due to Bolle’s new Hi –Index lenses they were finally able to offer me the ideal solution. I am really impressed with my new glasses and the refractive lenses they manage to sneak in there too!

Emma, Engineer on a major London infrastructure job